OLBRO has been a successful player in the world of Hot Sauces for many, many years. We have contacts and good friends on both sides of this industry. Recently, we've partnered with enterprises interested in Private Label Branding, leveraging their established brand awareness with a quality new product: Hot Sauce!

With our contacts, we can coordinate and manage the entire process, offering product recommendations, affordable pricing models, art review, label manufacturing, shipping and invoicing. We know how to listen to your ideas, market them properly, and make them work for you.

But we don't stop there! Following the manufacturing process, we work with our partners to create promotions that help with the marketing and selling of your newly branded product. Not only that, we have the capability to warehouse your product and handle all the necessary fulfillment services.

To get started, contact Billy Olsan at (585) 381-9521 or billy@olbro.com. You've worked hard to have a successful brand... let us help you expand on that success.

A premier manufacturer of outdoor cooking equipment, Camp Chef is an excellent fit for their newest product: Camp Chef Hot Grill Sauce. Camp Chef is "The Way to Cook Outdoors!"


Scott-Sports is a leader in the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of performance equipment for biking, winter-sports, motor-sports and running. Meeting the challenges of an active lifestyle, they're introducing SCOTT Sauce - a Gourmet Habanero scHot Sauce! To help Scott-Sports with their kick-off, we've created a direct-mailing postcard designed to generate interest in their new product.


Selena's Authentic Mexican Cuisine is a popular Mexican restaurant in Upstate New York. In keeping with their hot & sumptuous Mexican menu, Salena's has partnered with OLBRO for Salena's Jalape๑o Hot Sauce. A spicy kick alongside all of your old favorite recipes!