Introducing Mezclajeté Especial Salsa Picante!

Mezclajeté Especial is an adobo style sauce made with a blend of Chipotle & Guajillo Peppers with Garlic, Onion and a hint of Black Pepper, which create a flavorful sauce that is "Unique yet Familiar".

This delicious sauce is available in 18 oz. plastic squeeze bottles and convenient single serving packets. The plastic bottle and twist open/close cap is perfect for use in the kitchen, behind the bar to spice up your cocktails and on restaurant tables. It does not need to be refrigerated after opening.

Mezclajeté Especial is so versatile that it can go into all kinds of standard sauces to create your own signature flavor. Signature flavors on a menu garner premium pricing and higher profit.

"I can put Tabasco or Cholula on my tables but those only cost me money. Since this sauce isn't available in every grocery store, I sell enough of it to pay for what I use. That makes it a Zero Food Cost Item to me. No one is going to buy one of the other sauces from me because they can get them anywhere. People actually come to my restaurant because they know and appreciate that I give them something unique and delicious."

~ RJ Breeden from RJ's Café.

The convenient and cost effective Mezclajeté Especial Single Serving Packets are a must for your take out orders and show your customers that even though they aren't enjoying your food in your restaurant, you still care about their experience.