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          OLBRO Price List as of November, 2022

Remember, these prices apply before any potential discount. Prices and product line are subject to change without notice. For confirmation on pricing, call (585) 381-9521.

Wholesale Order Total

$750 to $1,750 5%
$1,750 or more 10%

U.S. and International Distributors - email to discuss discounts


Product Description
1.Hog's Ass Garlic Habanero Sauce5 oz12HAGWW5WC$40.00
2.Karma: Ashes*2*Ashes (XXX-Hot)5 oz12KARA2AP-W$69.50
3.Karma: Burn After Eating Pepper Sauce (XXX-Hot)5 pz12KARBURN-W$75.00
4.Karma: Cherry Bomb Pepper Sauce (X-Hot)5 oz12KARCHEB-W$57.00
5.Karma: Curry Karma Pepper Sauce (Medium)5 oz12KARCUR-W$47.75
6.Karma: Extreme Karma Pepper Sauce (X-Hot)5 oz12KAREXTK-W$69.50
7.Karma: Funken Hot Pepper Sauce (X-Hot)5 oz12KARFUNK-W$61.00
8.Mezclajeté Especial Salsa Picante18 oz12MEZESPSA$54.00
9.Mezclajeté Especial Salsa Picante7 g500MEZESPAC$32.25
10.Mountainman Corn Garlic Chipotle Sauce5 oz12MCGWW5WC$47.75
11.Mountainman Fire Roasted Habanero Sauce5 oz12MHSWW5WC$49.00
12.Roadhouse Original BBQ19 oz6RBOW19WC$20.00
13.Roadhouse Hot, Sweet & Tangy BBQ19 oz6RBHW19WC$20.00
14.TC's Smoking Habs - Mexican Mole Style Hot Sauce5 oz12TCSHWW5WC$44.00